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Betrayal Trauma feels devastating. 

"Being betrayed led me to one of the darkest places I have ever been".  ~ Anonymous

Betrayal Trauma is real.

If you are here, I'm so sorry.  And I'm proud that you found the courage to be here.

I offer a unique perspective, targeted to help you move safely through and past your trauma.

Please visit the site, explore your questions and consider what you want to achieve in your personal healing journey.

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I offer a variety of opportunities for healing including: 

  • Private, one -on-one coaching

  • Couples healing sessions based on the ERCEM modality

  • Recurring groups supporting partners leaving or contemplating leaving relationships

  • Healing intensives, divorce workshops, therapeutic disclosure workshops, APSATS supervision, and more...

Katelyn, OH

When I first started working with Kim, I struggled with coming to terms that I had been abused, and was therefore a victim. Through working with Kim, I have now been able to shift my view of myself from victim to warrior.


She is empathetic and draws out your thoughts behind your words. She helps you unpack things well.

Cindy, TX

Her group is a life saver.  I was terrified to put myself out there and assumed no one would get me.  She led the group into a safe place of healing, encouragement and strength.  I found my tribe.  I shouldn't have waited so long!

Snowdrop Flower

Spring snowdrop flower with snow - with

The snowdrop flower represents hope and is a fragile reminder of strength and tenacity.  It is the first flower to break through the cold darkness of winter snow.  It exhibits courage and determination.  It is a bloom yearning to share the splendor of spring.

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