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You are your strongest advocate.

These groundbreaking groups offer tools you can utilize to conquer fear and shame in your life related to betrayal.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Groups

"I learned that one day I will have scars, instead of open wounds." ~DeDe
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Not a Casserole Widow- The NEW You!

This group is an 8 week group committed to supporting your metamorphosis into a stronger, more confident, and courageous you. Healing occurs faster in community. This space is for you to meet other women determined not to let their life circumstances control them but to find ways to regain control of their lives.

I have created a unique curriculum designed to inspire you to recognize personal boundaries and maintain them, manage triggers, figure out what keeps you stuck and of course, offer you a safe place to feel validation. I find many women who are surviving hard relationships do not understand what it means to be authentic because they have not had the freedom to explore who they really are.

Let's find you again because you are your strongest advocate.

Topics covered:

  • What boundaries do I need?  Am I crazy?

  • What is gas-lighting?

  • What will my "new" life look like?

  • Have you been crushed by your faith community's response?

  • What does this mean for your financial security?

  • How are your children going to handle necessary changes?

  • Do your friends look at you differently?

  • Does everyone feel shame about this?

  • ERCEM?  How can it help me?

  • And many, many more.

BEGINNING Mondays: June 19- August 7

  • 6:00-7:30 pm (EST)

  • 8 group sessions plus a private chat group for your support throughout the weeks

  • Cost: $450

  • Size limited to 8 women 

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