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You are your strongest advocate.

Your journey is unique.

Healing from Betrayal Trauma requires a unique set of tools.

These groundbreaking groups offer techniques to conquer fear and shame in your life related to betrayal.

Not a Casserole Widow™

Groups for Your Specific Needs


Not a Casserole Widow™
The New You, 2024

12 Week Group for betrayed women contemplating or experiencing divorce.  Based off my  NEW WORKBOOK,  become more confident, more courageous, and clarify what you need to accomplish. 

You will learn tools to navigate the unknown.

New sessions offered soon.


Not a Casserole Widow™
Just a Quick Bite


Bi Monthly group for betrayed women contemplating or experiencing divorce who need short bursts of encouragement.  Come as often or as little as you want.  Find validation, support and friendship.


Not a Casserole Widow™
Healing Your Marriage

Need a safe space as you navigate betrayal in your marriage?  Join this  bi monthly group as we explore boundaries,  dreaded consequences, expectations, moving you towards healthier relationships with your partner, and, well, yourself!

Certified and Supported by ERCEM (Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model.)

New sessions offered soon.

"I learned that one day I will have scars, instead of open wounds." ~DeDe
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