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Your relationship can heal from Betrayal.

Generally, there are 3 phases of healing from betrayal.  

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Safety and Stabilization

Feeling completely blindsided? Confused? Overwhelmed? Shocked? Hopeless? Healing is possible with trauma informed guidance. I will coach you to create healthy boundaries, new communication patterns and a clear path leading to safety and stability so you both can begin to heal.

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Need to see the magic of EMPATHY? That is the number one complaint betrayed partners have as it relates to healing. Let’s get you the tools you both need:

Learn empathy tools your partner can see so you both can grieve what you have lost and voice the grief of what you have lost.

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Once you embrace the tools needed for healing and are moving forward, what does your new relationship really look like? Who are you both now?

For some couples, this can be one of the most challenging and, at the same time, joyful times in their relationships.  

There is a solution.

Would you take 30 minutes to find out what you can do TODAY?

Healing the ERCEM way.

Help.Them.Heal. The Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model (ERCEM) embraces teaching tools to learn empathy while creating a path you can accomplish. Healing from betrayal is possible with the proper guidance and support. Carol Juergensen Sheets (author of Help.Her.Heal.) has hit success once again with her new book: Help.Them.Heal. Kim Hansen Petroni is one of a few coaches certified to teach the ERCEM method of healing to couples.

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