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Not a Casserole Widow
Doing Divorcing Well.. if there is such a thing!
Choosing Dignity, Determination and a Destiny.
My top 10 Musts for women choosing divorce.
Live workshop
Your journey is different. 
You don't get casseroles when your marriage dies. 
You are the unrecognized widow.

Find a clearer path, keep your integrity intact, and get more financial clarity.

Register for this informative class to learn how to navigate divorce combined with betrayal trauma.You will leave feeling more confident about working with your attorney, beginning the documentation process with your finances, and supporting yourself emotionally.

You will receive: 

  • money saving tips,

  • tools to regulate your trauma responses,

  • divorce boundary goals,

  • communication ideas,

  • parenting plan thoughts and so much more.

(Plus my #1 money saver when you register!)

January 25, 7pm-9pm EST.  $49



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