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Not a Casserole Widow™: Healing with Fire

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Free me.

Free me from the horror.


Is freedom possible?

Blackness determines your future,

Twisting through your heart, lungs, and mind.

Overwhelming daily thoughts.,

Daily walks.

Daily talks,

Until you are paralyzed.


Endless seeking to stop the pain.

Maybe this book,

Maybe this podcast,

Maybe this blog…

And yet, the pain festers, unceasing.

A spark of hope

Flashes for a moment.


And then, another spark.


Now two sparks,


Now one spark.


Now, 3 sparks


and establish an ember in your soul.

Creating hope.

Small, delicate, fragile hope.

Survival begins to feel plausible.

Blackness still rests in your soul

But it is haunted by that ember.

As you breathe gently, the ember becomes stronger.

Surprisingly, the blackness becomes grey.

It is a heavy grey- like clouds predicting a storm.

Still threatening your ember.

Breathe the breath of hope

On the ember.

Tenderly encourage oxygen to strengthen it.

Suddenly you see it-

A flame.

Flickering, casting light through the gray.

No longer a sputtering spark,

Or an unpredictable ember,

But a flame.


Seeking fortitude provided by fuel.

The darkness ceases.

You will always remember it.

It has changed you.

But this new flame,

This is your new you.

Trampling through the darkness.

Emboldened by knowledge,

Encouraged by faith,

Enriched by a supportive tribe.

Trust the strength of your flame,

And seek other flames.

Enjoy the bonfire you can create.

It may not feel like the pain will stop or you will be able to move on, but you can and you will.

Have the courage to embrace what you don’t know about you~

You are just beginning.

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