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The Truth Series: Lauren.

Hey Dad, it's been awhile.... It's been 2 years since you've gone to heaven, it's been longer than that since we've really been able to talk because Alzheimer's Disease ravaged your mind. I really hate that disease, it wasn't you. I miss you so much. There's a few things I've wanted to tell you and decided today would be the day. Lauren needs the power of your prayer, your unconditional love...because she's been going through something I couldn't and didn't want to share with you when you were sick. I'm trying to live by your example of standing in the Faith of the God who sees me, who sees Lauren, and who sees her sister. Lauren went into crisis in 2018. She is the victim of a violent crime… she was se*ally assaulted by someone she knows. Our life stopped as the trauma grew. We're learning some people stick by our side but most people are uncomfortable talking about the magnitude of these assaults. So they disappear or encourage us to keep it quiet...don't rock the boat. They lied to my face, lied behind my back, any excuse to avoid our trauma. It occurred to me that if Lauren had been in a car accident, had surgery, broke a leg or, God forbid, had cancer, we'd talk about it. So I'm telling you and I'm talking about it because it's time. Justice is weird. I can't explain it or share anything else with you right now, but it just is. In honor of your memory, Dad, I'm doing what you taught me to do... Stand up for what is right; fight for Justice; and believe that God will do what He says He will do. I love you, Dad .... wish you were here.


You met Lauren, the daughter referred to, in my first Truth Series this year. (You can check it out HERE). Lauren reported the rapes 8 months ago. And Lauren’s father is still free.


If you would like to help Lauren, please reach out to me. I’m, quite frankly, baffled by her situation. And not surprised.


What kind of justice provides safety for abusers, and ignores victims? What kind of justice provides freedom of speech for aggressors, and demands silence from the oppressed? What kind of justice provides a place of sanctity for the violent, but prison for the innocent?

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